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  1. General

Regional Transport Ltd which shall be referred to as the company which is licensed by the Traffic Commissioner to carry passengers with insured, taxed and vehicles maintained accordingly.

The hirer is responsible for providing the correct details for the hire including where from and to, the times, type of vehicle/s required and the number of passengers.
The vehicles have a maximum seating capacity, the company is not responsible for any extra passengers other than what was agreed at the time of hire and the vehicle/s cannot be over loaded under any circumstances.

The company is not responsible for loss or damage to property or luggage brought onto the vehicle however caused.
Our vehicles are only able to accommodate a small amount of luggage and folded prams.
The company has the right to decline any hire that has not been accurately described.

Quotations are valid for 30 days. Any changes to the original booking details may result in the quotation being revised.

  1. Payment and terms

All hires are to be paid in advance of the hire date by BACS or cheque.

A £100 refundable deposit per bus is required to book the vehicle/s to be paid within 14 days of the invoice being issued.
Until the deposit is received, the hire is not confirmed and can be cancelled or the price changed.

In the event the hirer cancelling the booking, the following refunds will be applied.
• If the hire is cancelled 30 days or more before the hire date you will get a 100% refund.
• If the hire is cancelled between 30 and 14 days before the hire date 50% will be refunded.
• If the hire is cancelled 14 days or less before the hire date, no refund will be given.

Destination blinds are an additional cost to the hire of the vehicle/s. These have to be ordered and paid for at least 10 weeks in advance.

  1. Litter, damage and passenger conduct

The hirer is responsible for any unreasonable litter left behind, soiling, damage caused to the vehicle, it’s fittings or equipment caused by negligence or misconduct of any passengers carried thereon and will incur additional fees for repair to the damage caused or additional cleaning involved.
Smoking, drinking of alcohol and food is not permitted on our vehicles.
Passengers must remain seated at all times whilst the bus is in motion.
The company is not responsible for any passengers who are not present at the agreed departure point timings. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure guests know the departure details as agreed at the time of the booking.

  1. Timings and routes

At the time of booking, we do our best to ensure the times and routes suit your requirements and is priced accordingly. It is at the company’s discretion if any last minute changes can be accommodated. It is at the driver’s discretion if routes are altered to that agreed at the time of booking.
Our drivers are by bound by law with their driving hours and cannot break these. This includes driving spells, breaks and duty time. Drivers may not be able to alter from the agreed times and this is down to the driver's discretion.
The company can not guarantee any timings and is not responsible for any delays to agreed timings due to congestion, road traffic collisions, breakdown or inconvenience.
We always aim to arrive in good before the start of the hire within our control.

  1. Driver/Conductor Authority

The authority of the driver and /or conductor is final.
They have the right to stop the bus, cancel the hire or ask passengers to leave the bus at their discretion for reasons of safety, health, behaviour or any other reason. In such an event, no compensation will be given.

  1. Alternative vehicles and Breakdowns

At the time of booking, the type of vehicle is allocated to meet your requirement. Sometimes the particular vehicle may not be available and an alternative bus as close to matching seating capacity but not design may be allocated.
This could mean a vintage bus being substituted with a modern bus or vice versa at our discretion a partial refund may be paid at the company's discretion. If a modern bus is not available, there will be no extra charge for a vintage bus being used in its place.
If one of our vehicles breaks down during the hire or for any other reason we cannot provide the number or type of vehicles requested, we will do our best to provide an alternative. If an alternative vehicle is not available, a partial or full refund will be offered at the company’s discretion.
The company reserves the right to hire in other companies/vehicles to carry out your private hire.

  1. Data Protection

All information that may be held on the hirer is for the use of invoicing and undertaking of the agreed hires only.
This is stored both electronically and on paper.
The information is not shared with individuals or organisations other than to any sub contracted in hire companies which they will need to know the details of your hire for that date or period and for accounting purposes of Regional Transport Ltd.
Invoices must be kept for 6 years from the last financial year they relate to for HMRC. After that period, they will be deleted from the computor and paper invoices securely shredded.
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